Pros and Cons of TV Stands and Wall Mounts

One of the questions that you may have when it comes to the look of your living room is if it is better to secure your TV on a stand or wall mount. Both options have their pros and cons. Educating yourself about their advantages and disadvantages can help you determine which one will work best for you. Below are their pros and cons.

TV Stand


TV stands have been traditionally used for securing televisions at home. One of the advantages of using one is that it can be easily moved from one place to another. This is convenient if you wish to change the setup of your furniture, or if you are selling your house. Stands also have shelves where you can place other items, such as DVD players. Some stands are cabinet types that give you more storage.


One of the disadvantages of using TV stands is that they can be bulky and they take up more space. If you have a small living area, this can be a hassle as it will make the room appear smaller and the seating space will also be limited. Pets and kids can also easily access the TV, which may cause damage.

TV Wall Mount


One of the most obvious advantages of a TV mount is the space that it saves. Since the TV will be mounted on the wall, it won’t take up space on the floor, so you can freely place other things or keep it open. There are also various types of TV mount to choose from, such as swivel, tilt, and flat.

Mounting the TV on the wall also has a decorative purpose. It can become the focal point of the living room area, which instantly gets the attention of visitors. This is also one way of making your television safe from your pets or kids.


Mounting a television on the wall also has its disadvantages. One of them is the weight of the TV. You must be sure that the wall mount is sturdy enough to carry its weight and that it is properly installed to ensure that your television is mounted safely. Another drawback is that the installation can cause permanent damage to the wall. It is also not convenient if you decide to change the setup of your living room area as this also means another installation. Plus, removing the mounts from the original area where they were installed will leave a mark, affecting the appearance of the room.

Choosing between a TV stand and wall mount is an important decision as this will not only affect the overall look of the living room, but it also ensures the safety of your TV.

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