Sunday 18 November 2018
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How to Properly Maintain Your Surveillance Cameras?

Surveillance cameras play an important role in our life in terms of providing us security. They provide us peace of mind and at the same time keep an eye on the home and business premises.

Surveillance cameras are a great investment and to keep them functioning proper maintenance is required. In fact, if you are installing number of surveillance cameras then look for Hikvision subsidy so that the cost can be cut down. Sometimes depending on the type of surveillance camera, one has to follow manufacturer’s guidelines as special instructions would be mentioned over there.

Keep the Lenses Clean:

Make sure to clean the lenses regularly with care because these lenses are similar to eyeglass lenses and cannot capture clear picture if they are foggy or dusty. Never use homemade solution and clothes to clean the lenses as they may damage them by creating fine scratches and you might end up replacing them. Hence, it’s better to spend on a special cleaning solution and cloth.

Check the Cables Regularly:

Worn-out cables or loose connection may sometimes lead to poor quality output in terms of picture quality. Regular inspection of wires should be done in order to get good picture and video quality. Make sure to check the power cables connected well with cameras and DVR because sometimes loose connection may lead to huge problem.

Replace the Broken Parts (If Any)

You may come across poor image quality in the due course of time. Hence, check if there is any broken part and replace them. If required, change the camera too before it becomes useless. Remember to purchase the spares or accessories from the same dealer or manufacturer.

Check the Camera’s Housing:

It is highly recommended to buy waterproof cameras. Regular inspection of the security camera’s housing is a must. You should check for signs of water and dirt inside the housing and get to know whether the enclosure is protecting the camera from rain and dust or not.

Verify the Recording Functionality Once Per Week:

Make sure to check the recording ability of the surveillance cameras each week because unexpected incidents can happen any time. So, cameras should perform 24X7 irrespective of any situation. Keep the area free from bushes and trees because they could obstruct the camera’s view.

Set the Correct Date and Time:

It may sound funny, but this plays a major role when an untoward incident takes place. Make sure the system displays the correct date and time.