Friday 19 April 2019
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How Small Companies Can Secure Their Payroll and Check Printing

The loan industry faces a continuing threat from crooks. Small and big companies alike can become a victim of check fraud. To protect funds, companies must make certain they using sensible methods when printing checks.

Many companies print their very own checks since it saves money and time. A business can print payroll checks for workers and payment checks for suppliers. While self-printing can help to save money, it may also increase the likelihood of fraud. Payroll check security is possible by using a couple of simple guidelines:

1. Always employ the right equipment. To be able to keep up with the integrity of payroll checks, you need to use MICR technology. Make use of a MICR printer with MICR toner to print checks. This will make the checks simpler for that bank to process and much more hard for crooks to copy.

2. Only print on blank check stock. Using pre-printed check stock allows crooks to steal checks after which simply complete the blanks.

3. Use blank check stock with security measures. Built-in security measures allow it to be impossible to copy checks. Check paper should contain a number of the next security measures: copy void pantograph, micro printed border, watermark seal, or chemically reactive paper.

4. Only allow a small amount of people use of check printing utilities. To avoid check fraud, always make certain you know who can access checks. Keep check-printing equipment kept in a safe and secure area. Don’t leave blank check stock or software uncovered in plain sight.

5. Always shred documents which contain personal or company account information. Crooks happen to be recognized to surf trash bins to obtain the information they have to commit id theft and appearance fraud.

Remember that money is a superb motivator. People could be driven to lie, cheat, and steal if their requirement for cash is great enough. For that safety of your family and business finances, never provide unnecessary temptations. By using the guidelines above, you are able to decrease your odds of being a victim of check fraud.

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