Sunday 18 November 2018
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Control Panels for Identifying Switches and Controls

Control panels are utilized to identify switches and controls on equipment. May cover membrane switches, and also have holes for switches or screws, obvious areas for indicator lights, etc. Usually printed on Lexan pr Lexsaver. Because control panels are frequently susceptible to physical contact – whether because of utilization of membrane switches, or because of closeness to connectors and control knobs–probably the most durable materials are often utilized in their construction. For practical purposes, this generally means 1 of 3 kinds of material compositions: Lexan® 10 mil, LexSaver™ or Polyester 2 mil – Gloss White-colored or Obvious.

Lexan® 10 mil UL RECOGNIZED: This is actually the most typical construction for electronic control panels. 10 mil obvious Lexan® (polycarbonate) having a velvet finish on top surface is subsurface printed (printed with mirror image) around the back side. A Couple mil or 5 mil adhesive (usually very obvious adhesive we use 3M 467MP or 468MP) is laminated within the printed back, and also the user interface and it is internal cutouts are cut in the Lexan. The printing remains safe and secure through the 10 mils of Lexan, and also the velvet surface masks minor surface scratches maintaining your user interface searching new for a long time. Obvious (non printed) home windows could be developed in for display panels, or LEDs. Adhesive free areas (“patterned adhesive”) could be designated if required under certain switches or display window areas.

LexSaver™ UL RECOGNIZED: Within the LexSaver™ process, a substrate material (usually 2 mil white-colored or obvious polyester), with a preapplied pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) on the release liner, is printed after which overlaminated having a 5 mil velvet surface Lexan overlaminate. The outer form of the user interface and also the interior cuts will be “hug cut” (cut through simply to the discharge liner). The surplus materials are stripped away departing the control panels in position around the roll of release liner.

The LexSaver™ process could be less costly than subsurface printing 10 mil Lexan®, especially should there be a lot of internal cutouts on every user interface. It may also cut costs if your white-colored substrate material may be used, since white-colored won’t have to become printed. (When the user interface requires obvious or translucent areas, a obvious substrate material could be needed.)

A LexSaver™ user interface has got the additional benefit to be more flexible, and fewer vulnerable to minor cracking that may occur once the user interface can be used over membrane or microswitches. There has been tests around the Polyester/Lexan® combination and it was thought it was particularly be suitable for membrane switch applications. Additionally, if polyester can be used because the substrate, all aspects of the user interface are UL recognized materials.

For special applications, other substrate materials may be used instead of polyester. Reverse printing black on Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl will create a user interface with text or graphics which are visible in the dark. Reflective Vinyl, Fluorescent Vinyl, or Removable Vinyl could also be used.

Polyester 2 mil – Gloss White-colored or Obvious UL RECOGNIZED: At a lower price demanding applications, white-colored polyester could be a durable, inexpensive option to the 2 Lexan® constructions above. As it is less rigid, it’s a little more hard to align and apply, so is most effective for smaller sized control panels. May be used on regions of equipment that will not be viewed just as much, for example behind panel doorways. For further protection, or perhaps a glossy or matte finish, make use of the appropriate overlaminate.

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